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Number Sense; Grades K-2


This five day training will help teachers develop their understanding about how kids learn and develop number sense. They will learn how to create meaningful educational experiences for their students and make student sense-making a cornerstone of classroom lessons. Teachers will also develop a deeper understanding of number so they will have the confidence to orchestrate classroom discussions with their students.

The training will also show how the mathematics content they teach to students fits in with the mathematics the students will be learning in future grades. There will be support for teachers to meet in professional learning communities (PLC) to discuss how children develop understanding of whole numbers, how to interpret students’ work on assessment tasks, and how to plan effective instruction. Module topics will include:


Teacher Materials

K2 Dates 2014- 15

Session 1: Number Sense
What is it and how can we help our students?

Session 2: Addition
Creating real-world situations and reacting to students’ responses

Session 3: Subtraction
Designing purposeful instruction to move students beyond direct modeling and counting, and to think more algebraically

Session 4: Multiplication and Division
How to use mathematical symbols and vocabulary to have conversations with your students and communicate important ideas

Session 5: Place Value and Adding/Subtracting Multidigit Numbers
Helping students develop numerical benchmarks using manipulatives, language, and symbols


The Region 11 Math And Science Teacher Partnership (MSTP) 2014-2015 project
is funded through Title II, Part B of ESEA, as amended by the NCLB Act of 2001.

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