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Life Science, Grades 3 & 5: Training Day 2,
Evolution in Living Systems



Explore the features of inquiry and process skills in science using plants as models.  Experience data collection through a teacher-centered inquiry (Magic Beans), including how to use this experience to introduce and strengthen observation, record-keeping, and math skills.  Continue to work on observation skills while discovering plant anatomy using fruits, vegetables and seeds from the supermarket.  Finally, see how simple materials like soda bottles (Bottle Biology) can be used for student-centered inquiry activities in your classroom.  Throughout the day, time will be taken to discuss how the day’s work might be used to enhance your student’s science explorations.








Teacher Materials

Life Science MSTP Standards

Data Continuum

Definition of Process Skills

Essential Features of Inquiry

Jack & The Beanstalk

Jaime's PowerPoint Slides

Growlab Pages

Process Skills Indicators

Supermarket Botany December 2014

What Is A Science Notebook?



The Region 11 Math And Science Teacher Partnership (MSTP) 2014-2015 project
is funded through Title II, Part B of ESEA, as amended by the NCLB Act of 2001.

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