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Life Science, Grades 3 & 5: Training Day 3,
Interdependence in Living Systems



Utilize the skills, information and learning from the previous days to dig even deeper into the science process and how it can enrich several facets of your curriculum. Explore graphing using the Graph Choice Chart and learn ways to take your students beyond the bar graph. Use twigs as a way to practice  measuring, graphing and analysis while learning ecology Scientific data are available, in student-friendly format, for you to use in the classroom. We will have fun with ecology datasets and discuss how the process of data analysis enriches your teaching experience. Round out the day with a session on dragonfly structure and function and how they can enhance your curriculum even in the middle of winter.







teacher materials

Day 3 Standards.doc


Day 3 Article Graph Choice Chart NSTA 2014.pdf
Day 3 Cedar Creek Bog CBC 1945 2013.xls
Day 3 Christmas Bird Count Database 2000-2013,xlsx
Day 3 Inquiry Process Handout.pdf
Day 3 Student CER examples.doc


Day 3 Dragonfly Photos.pdf
Day 3 MSTP Odes 6 page handout.pdf

Twig Math

Day 3 Chapter The Forest Unseen Twigs.pdf
Day 3 Twig Diagram with Lenticels.pdf
Day 3 Data Chart 2.xlsx
Day 3 Temp Precip Data MSTP.pdf





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