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Life Science, Grades 3 & 5: Training Day 1,
Cedar Creek Ecosystem Science Reserve



Explore structure, function and interdependence in living things through the platform of Cedar Creek's ecosystems and research sites.  Learn field techniques for exploring the ecology of Cedar Creek and how to adjust them to your schoolyard; investigate the day's themes through visits to world-renowned research sites and a peat bog. Data-driven activities you can use with your students round-out the day. 





Teacher Materials - Cedar Creek

Sci. Standards for MSTP Day 1 Life Science.pdf
MSTP Pretest KEY.doc
CER Worksheet.doc
Ecosystem Comparison Data Sheet 2014.pdf
Redesigning Rivers Sci Daily Oct 8, 2014.pdf
Turning to Darwin to Solve the Mystery of Invasive Species NYTimes.pdf
Thinking Like-a-scientist 3 Science Wheel.pdf
Graph Choice Chart 30 Mar 14 NSTA 8x11.pdf

Big Biodiversity

Big Biodiversity Graphing Handout.pdf
Data Nugget BigBio 5th.doc

Land Forms Gr. 5

Inquiry  Investigation Using Stream Tables.doc
Online Resources for Stream Table Lessons.doc
Culvert & form Investigations.doc
Flood plains Land form Investigations.doc
Forming New & Land form Investigations.doc
ndv Levees Land form Investigations.doc
ndv Meanders Landform Investigations.doc
ndv Slope L & Form Investigations.doc
ndv Thalweg Landform Investigations.doc
Metaphors for Ecosystem Services of Wetlands.doc

Monarchs and Road Salt

Science Daily Article.doc
Student Data Sheet.ppt

Structure and Function Gr. 5

Beetle Card.doc
Bumblebee Card.doc
Dragonfly Card.doc
Grasshopper Card.doc
Lesson Plan Structure & Function Using Insects.doc
Researcher Discussion Card.doc
Response Cards.doc
Responses Student Sheet.doc



The Region 11 Math And Science Teacher Partnership (MSTP) 2014-2015 project
is funded through Title II, Part B of ESEA, as amended by the NCLB Act of 2001.

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