Overview: Earth Science, Middle and High School Grades

This five-day training module is designed to support middle or high school teachers in expanding earth science content knowledge and pedagogical skills.

Teachers will focus on Earth System Science through the topic of weather and climate change through inquiry and fieldwork looking at the impact of climate change specific to Minnesota as well as the global scale. Teachers will conduct field work and interact with scientists at the Cedar Creek Ecosystem Reserve.

Teachers will explore water resources and the impact of land usage on local waterways. For example, they will study the impact of agricultural run-off of the quality of Minnesota rivers and lakes. Teachers will experience a variety of hands-on stream table and other river activities at the St. Anthony Falls Lab on the UMN campus.

Finally, teachers will explore space science topics using novel three-dimensional visualizations developed at the Bell Museum in collaboration with NASA.

Use and permissions:

Permission is granted for all materials in the MSTP Training Archives to be printed for educational purposes only.